Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Erotica Revealed Review of Origami Striptease
"This book reads like poetry and left me stunned with writer's envy."
(This review is kind of a plot spoiler but interesting! Be warned)

Queer life News: "Are You Queer Enough?"
"On April 12, 2007, eight Lambda Literary Award finalists were scheduled to read at the San Francisco Public Library. Only seven shared their work. Finalist Peggy Munson, in the Lesbian Debut Fiction category, was excluded from this event – without warning, without just reason, without apology.Why would one author be prevented from reading her work at this queer event? Bottom line: the organizers of the event policed her sexuality."

Rainbow Network Review of Origami Striptease
"To say the language is rich and luscious is an understatement. The author creates a fantastical landscape for her characters, with a carnivalesque sense of magic realism that is full to bursting with imagination."