Saturday, May 05, 2007

"Munson deftly experiments with gender, linguistics, and style."
-- Heather Cassell, Bay Area Reporter

It has been a big media week in the aftermath of the the Lambda Lit. Awards censorship scandal around my book. Oh, the drama!

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Heather Cassell of the Bay Area Reporter covered the story in this week's issue. Read about it here:

"Members of the LGBT literary community were in a fluster after they learned that disabled queer author Peggy Munson was omitted from a Lambda Literary Foundation finalist reading program. . . "

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Then, the fabulous Rachel Kramer Bussel interviewed me for the fabulous site, Feministing! Read the interview here.

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"Munson explains via email just what 'iambic meter' is, the connection between identity and language, why she's been 'buoyed' by the queer writing community in the wake of having a video of her reading from her novel censored from a Lambda Literary Award finalist reading (Origami is up for Best Lesbian Debut Fiction), and pushing the edges of the queer literary canon 'to its breaking point. . . .'"

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Finally, Heather Cassell of the Bay Area Reporter reviewed Origami Striptease. Click here to read full article.

"Erotic writer Peggy Munson takes readers into a queer femme's surreal world of disability, illness, lust and love fucking boys with 'detachable penises' in her novel Origami Striptease, a Lambda Literary Foundation finalist for lesbian debut fiction. The violently poetic novel explores the complexities of desire, disability, gender, lust and love from a disabled queer femme's narrative. The narrator's voice is strong through the waves of illness that embody the lyrics of her iambic prose. Munson forces the reader into the narrator's world, stifled in the limitations of her body, illness, and desire for boys: butches, trannyboys, and daddies who force her to succumb to erotic passions. The passions flow in sordid detail."